Valparai is 64km from Pollachi, the foot of the Hills welcomes the tourist with a sea like Dam with a lovely park and a water falls, called Monkey Falls for a refreshing ice cold bath. The winding roads crowded with thick woods lead to loam’s View, named after a British of their ruling period cuts off one’s journey for a while to view the Dam and the surroundings. Climbing up the hills one comes to a sudden short plain road and crossing zone for the tigers and so named as “Tiger Valley”. One would definitely miss the road and drive into the deep slope valley if he loses himself to the astonishing scenery.As the stretch ends you can have a tea break at the interruption of a waterfall and a teashop. 

The Mount Steward Tea Estate known as Kavarkkal, thickly misted gives a pleasant feeling as you pass. The road branching off to Sakthi, Thalanar Estates where T.V. tower is erected has a good view of that valley. Then comes the statue of the “Father of the Hills”, a small relaxing spot with a vast view of the opposite hills and the valley. The town has a long main road with shops, lodges, etc. Many roads from the town branches off to different places.

Manopally Forest

A reserve forest, off 20kms is a fascinating place with a mind catching river Manompally and an ideal place for trekking with forest permission leads to Amaravathi near Udumalpet.

Balaji Temple

It is a place for those who are religious and pious. Many enjoy peace visiting this temple.

Grass Hills

Undescribable, adorable beauty which lies on top of the Western Ghats, a vast area of grassland and meadows to the end of one’s sight hosts rare species of few wild lives. People with flair to love nature and interest in geology would forget themselves leaving the place and love the Ox-bow lakes found there.

Iraichal Parai Falls

Originated from the Grass Hills and becomes perennial Nadumalai River and has a check dam.

Compared to be the same as Cherrapunji with a higher rainfall, thick forest, river and waterfalls could be reached with an adventurous trekking.

Nallamudi Pooncholai

Walking through the tea field one suddenly gets into this place with a huge valley to be seen. The highest peak of South India, Anaimudi could be viewed from here and could be walked through the thick woods where the tribal settlements are. Your feet do not turn back all that easily once you are there.

Number Rock

A highest point at the end of tea plantation with a great deep valley is deadly and the tribal people are knights or adventurers to have their settlement over there.

Athirappally Falls

A long but tough travel to reach heart bursting water falls from the town towards Kerala. Thick forest doesn’t allow the sunlight to touch the ground with its thick canopy. Though few other falls come way people long to enjoy this very much. It’s a great loss and unfulfilled tour if this is missed out.